How Suretys Will Help You Level Up

Change is a state of mind and with that, there are experiences that you can retrospectively pinpoint as catalysts to a greater more meaningful shift in your life. Sometimes it’s a job in a new place, the birth of a child, buying a house, or your first car. It’s a seemingly coincidental moment that typically changes the course and leads you to a path paved with possibilities that begin to feel attainable and limitless. 

For Katie, from a small town in Texas, learning about Suretys was one of those moments. At 22, she held a secure job with a steady stream of income, and desperately wanted a car to make her working commute easier. She felt like she was missing that last bit of independence and it was holding her back from new opportunities. Like many her age, and two of her siblings, Katie knew she needed a cosigner to get a car. With limited credit history, she felt she didn’t have a choice. But her parents couldn’t take on another loan while pursuing other business opportunities and it was up to her to figure it out on her own. 

Every dealership Katie went to turned her down. Every dealership told her she wouldn’t get into a car without a cosigner. Five rejections later, she felt hopeless. She found herself at dealership number six in San Angelo, Texas, with zero expectations. Daniel, the dealership salesman, told her about Suretys PlusOne, a program that might help her qualify for a lease on her own. She was very skeptical, but she gave it a try, having nothing to lose. She created an account and filled out her information on the app. Minutes later, when a text came in saying “approved” she was stunned. There was no clipboard to fill out, no calls she needed to make, and no hours of waiting for a verdict only to go home with her head down.

“I never intended to get a brand new 2021 car,” Katie says. It seemed like a far unbelievable reach for her. The best part, she says, is that Suretys helps people get the best possible deals at a price they can afford, so she knows she isn’t overpaying. Using AI and the uniquely designed algorithm means that Suretys can see everyone beyond their credit score, a refreshing feeling after being told her lack of credit meant wasn’t good enough.

Suretys offered Katie a new sense of independence without the emotional burden of a cosigner or financial worry. For Katie, a new car offered her the confidence and freedom to pursue her dreams, take ownership over her life, finally empowering her to live on her own terms. Katie finally felt seen and that has made all the difference in her life.

For a 20-year-old military member stationed at Goodfellow AFB, a car meant a new lease on life with more opportunities to see the world. Yet, he, like Katie, was declined every time he tried to apply for a loan. With a thin credit file and limited credit history, banks continuously denied him. On his last try, he entered his local community FCU, partnered with Suretys, and was asked to fill out a digital application. 


From his cell phone, he created a Suretys account, and minutes later, he was approved! With Suretys, he was able to drive out in his new car securely, without the pains of overpaying for a car from an unknown place in poor condition.

Helping a military member get a great car at an affordable interest rate is rewarding and a humbling source of pride for the entire Suretys team. It’s why we keep doing what we’re doing. Knowing we’re making an active difference in a person’s life means we’re a big part of empowering people to change their thinking and help them see the world with new eyes and possibility. By telling someone, “We believe in you” and by giving them the chance to independently achieve something on their own terms, we are letting people know that they are so much more than a credit score. We’re saying, “You can do things on your own!” You are not just a number to us. You are a person, and we want to help you.

Suretys: Meet Your New Significant Other

Suretys knows buying a car is complicated. Convincing a parent or a friend to cosign for you adds a lot of pressure. What if you had your own PLUS ONE? Suretys replaces the need for a cosigner and becomes your PLUS ONE. The proof is all in the word “significant”: SIGN IF I CAN’T! Suretys takes the weight off while you take the wheel. Learn more here and visit to join the movement.