The First-time Buyer Car Guide: Lifestyle Edition

Here’s the POV: You just received a text from Suretys telling you that you’ve been approved for Suretys PlusOne. You’re shocked in the best kind of way because you know your credit history is kind of like Casper the Ghost, invisible and lurking. You’re confident knowing that with Suretys PlusOne, you’ll be saving money with an extremely low interest rate while being awarded the opportunity to build up your credit. It’s good all around.  

There’s just that one small thing before you drive into the sunset in your brand-new car… and that’s choosing the right one. If you’ve done your research, you’ll know that all cars are not created equally. They all cater to different lifestyles with different price tags and features. Regardless of which car you select, Suretys PlusOne will steer you in the right direction and with your best interests in mind. (We needed at least one car pun). 

We rounded off a list of five well-priced cars we think are great first-time buyers picks, for the drivers that favor electric cars to the SUV weekenders who crave more space for family and friends to ride along. 

Get in, we’re hitting the road to find that perfect stretch of beach, hiking trail, or local Trader Joe’s. We got you.

The Five Car Roundup for The First-time Buyer (who likes to search the internet for good advice):

  1. The Prius: For the Ever-Efficient Coworker Who Always Remembers to Shut the Lights:
  3. They’re calling it the most efficient hybrid out there today. A large cargo area boasts ample space for weekend gear and groceries, it has advanced safety features, and it’s small. It’s perfect for city living or the suburbs and can easily fit into small parking spots. Its price tag is low and monthly payments won’t stress the finances. The Prius doesn't want to take up too much space and time (filling up on gas) or inconvenience anyone. It’s the good Samaritan coworker who won’t let you down and will always pick you up. Prius drivers like the planet and we dig that.
  5. Honda Civic/Accord: For the One Who Knows All the Lingo Yet Still Responsible:
  7. The Honda Civic and the Accord are both seemingly more city than the Prius, with their trendy and compact style. Both have good fuel economy (an important factor today), tech options, affordable rates, and the Accord is one of the most popular midsize sedans. It’s the car that feels equally cool for both the office and beach. Honda drivers may be Millennials, Gen Z, or Baby Boomers. This is a Car that knows no generation gap. 
  9. Hyundai Kona: The Cool Urban Crossover with The Decade Long Warranty
  11. With its super affordable price tag and four-cylinder engine, the Kona is the versatile weekend car that easily transports you from the hiking trail to your weekend shop grocery parking lot. It handles well, has opportunities for upgrades, and holds ample space for all your apartment or college dorm things you’ve been meaning to move for some time now. 


  1. KIA Optima: For the One Who Likes to Play it Safe but Keeps it Interesting
  3. It has one of the highest safety scores, the affordability factor checks out, and it has a good size trunk, that’s great for traveling. It gets up to 35 mpg on the highway and 25 on city streets. It’s a great looking car that drives well and won’t break the bank
  5. Subaru Outback/Forester: For the Outdoorsy Kayaker Adventurist
  6. A definite crowd pleaser, the Subaru is America’s Sweetheart when it comes to a loyal outdoor rugged vehicle that seems to last forever. It’s not afraid to withstand compromising weather conditions and it’s often spotted a handful of times on every highway, every campsite, and hiking terrain. Consumer loyalty seems to be a big deal for Subaru drivers, many sticking with it time and time again. It scores high in safety, accident prevention tech is solid, and its price tag will keep the finances in check.
  8. Conclusion
  9. Whatever your lifestyle, Suretys is here to help working people get ahead and behind the wheel. 
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